Do you know a Gurdwara hero?

There are so many unsung heroes across the UK working as Gurdwara Management and Staff. We are proud to present the first ever Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara Community Awards, to celebrate the contributions of the nation’s Gurdwara heroes, especially as we emerge from the challenging Covid-19 lockdown.

It’s time to say Thank You to those individuals who ensure that our local Gurdwaras are the best they can possibly be. Do you know a Gurdwara Hero who deserves this award?

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the people who keep our Gurdwaras running. But they deserve recognition. These are the ones who have the utmost love and respect for Guru Granth Sahib Ji, who ensure that we receive delicious langar and parshad and who keep our Gurdwaras clean and comfortable.

With their dedication and selfless service, we are able to take home spiritual blessings and bliss when we visit the Gurdwara.

To find out more and nominate your Gurdwara Hero, click the link below: