Mar 10, 2021

Meet the Director

With over 13 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, and a Statistics Doctorate, Dr Karandeep Singh PhD is a specialist in digital analytics and data-driven conversion optimisation. A results-oriented digital professional, he  has vast experience in presenting innovative digital strategies and workshops at conferences, meetings and summits across the globe. He has worked with an impressive range of global brands, including Mercedes-Benz,  the Telegraph, Specsavers, Walt Disney, Kellogg’s, Microsoft and Honda.

Some of his most powerful ideas in the field of data analytics:

  • ‘Don’t believe in numbers, but look for the hidden information behind them.’
  • ‘Focus on optimising the non-converting traffic, rather than those who are already converting.’
  • ‘Without innovation, optimisation does not hold much meaning.’

In recent years, he has chosen to dedicate his life to voluntary work in India, by uplifting rural communities out of poverty, drug abuse and alcohol addiction. While working towards women’s empowerment, he decided to  raise awareness about Mata Sahib Kaur, who is the mother of female empowerment in Sikh history. To embrace modern technology, to reach out to the youth and to attract non-Sikh audiences, he feels that 3D animation as the best way forward. He initiated N3P’s first animated movie, Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur, with full support from the community. As the Director, he is handling the full A-Z of responsibilities, from pre-production to release.

He has always been passionate about history, and loves sharing knowledge in the simplest way – by telling rich stories from the past. He believes that humans are story-oriented. We live and learn through stories. He spends his spare time dipping into the evergreen pages of  Sikh/Punjabi history, learning as much as he can, and trying to connect the dots to make beautiful stories. He is currently working on more than 8 live projects with N3P, with themes ranging from female empowerment to social equality to ‘Faith over Fear’. He plans to make many more animated movies based on lesser-known figures from history. He feels proud and honoured to be voluntarily giving his time to direct the upcoming movies.

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