Baba Deep Singh Ji

The great Sikh warrior, Baba Deep Singh, triumphs over Afghan tyranny and injustice to bring back the honour of the holy city, Amritsar, at the cost of his own life.

In 18th-Century India, Mughlani Begum, the fallen-from-grace widow of the last Mughal emperor, visits Ahmad Shah Abdali, the ruler of Afghanistan. Wishing to get revenge on her son-in-law for murdering her husband, she offers to help Abdali conquer India. Abdali
agrees and invades India ruthlessly.

In Punjab lives a great Sikh warrior called Baba Deep Singh (75 years). He is shown to be brave and skillful, through righteous acts such as rescuing abducted girls from Mughal attacks. He saves his 10 year-old god-daughter, Nihal Kaur, from a lion’s attack in the jungle.He is also a famous scholar who has read, studied and hand-written the Sikh holy scriptures. He oversees many initiatives, such as wrestling, sports and teaching the Sikh way of living to the local youth.

Over time, the Sikh nation has become fractured, due to political power games. The leaders of the Sikhs, Nawab Kapoor Singh and Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, decide to unify all under the banner of the Dal Khalsa. Calling all 65 groups of the Khalsa to gather at the holy city of Amritsar, the Dal Khalsa is formed in front of one thousand Sikhs. Baba Deep Singh is appointed leadership of the respected Shaheedi Misl.

After Abdali’s brutal invasion of India, Baba Deep Singh orders the Shaheedi Misl to retaliate. Attacking Abdali’s army as it travels back to Afghanistan, the Khalsa warriors free thousands of prisoners and loot the Afghans’ stolen inventory. Angered by these events, Abdali orders the demolition of Darbar Sahib (the Golden Temple), the Sikhs’ holiest shrinein Amritsar. Abdali’s son, Temur Shah, and the powerful commander Jahan Khan sealAmritsar from all sides. The Afghans force the people of Amritsar to pollute the holy lake, Sarovar, with carcasses of dead animals, dirt and alcohol. The Sikhs’ shrines are demolished. The people of Amritsar are powerless and hopeless against the Afghans.

In a vengeful rage, Baba Deep Singh vows to free Darbar Sahib. With his beloved comrades, Baba Naudh Singh and Bhai Dayal Singh, he leads the Khalsa army to Amritsar. They get intercepted on the way, defeating the enemy in a small battle. Reaching Amritsar, the Khalsa army of 5,000 stands against the Afghan army of 20,000. A terrible and bloody battle ensues. In the battle, Baba Naudh Singh and Bhai Dayal Singh, get killed. Nihal Kaur and her parents are also killed while fighting. Jahan Khan gets killed.

Baba Deep Singh enters into one-to-one combat with Jamal Khan, Jahan Khan’s second-in-command, agreeing that whoever survives will be the winner of the entire battle. After a long and exhausting fight, both chop off each others’ heads at the same moment. Jamal Khan’s dead body lies in the dust. Baba Deep Singh stands up again and picks up his fallen head. He starts marching ahead to fulfil his promise. Disturbed by this unnatural act, the Afghan army retreats. As Baba Deep Singh reaches Darbar Sahib, he places his head down and his body falls into eternal rest. That year, the Sikhs celebrate Diwali at Amritsar again.