Grassroots: Back to Punjab

Join these four families as they recount the biggest adventure of their lives: packing up their bags and moving from their comfortable homes in the UK, back to their mother’s land. Hard to believe? See it with your own eyes

Let’s meet the star-studded cast:

Family one – Trailblazing achiever, Dr. Karandeep Singh. Domestic goddess, Jasneet Kaur. Wandering storyteller, Bhagwant Kaur. Ready to take on the world Bachittar Singh.

Family two – Sikhi Camps Unlimited, Kuljit Singh. Spiritual warrior, Sarveen Kaur. Contented sewadaar Harsukh Singh. Footballer extraordinaire Sundar Singh. Bright spark Jeevan-Hardeep Kaur.

Family three – Mr Need for Speed, Bhupinder Singh. Queen of cakes, Tajinder Kaur. Smart and studious Munlene Kaur. Always on the go Jasnaam Singh.

Family four – Fearless single mum, Harinderpal Kaur. Baker and shooter, Kabir Singh.

Years of comfort and luxury in the UK had left these families feeling empty and questioning, “Is this all there is?” So they set off to find out the purpose of life. One by one, their soul-searching led them to a small village in North India. Becoming one big family, they are now using their skills and strengths as an unstoppable force for good in rural Punjab, where the need for support is great.


Now living in their discomfort zones, follow these families as they take on the daily challenges of mosquitoes, lizards, suffocating summers, freezing winters, power cuts, slow wifi, rural life, language barriers, the Indian schooling system for their kids… and the list goes on…

This series will make you think about the biggest sacrifices one can make, not for themselves but for those unknown people who need the most support. From farming to animation to social welfare to horse riding to meditation to sports to singing to travelling to nights out in the freezing Himalayas, you think it – they’ve done it. Let’s explore the secrets behind the biggest move of their lives and share their journey full of passion, dedication and sacrifice.