Say hello to your new pals! These 5 kids might look normal – but they’re superheroes in disguise!

Kaz’s pet horse has excellent x-ray vision. Eesha’s supercute sidebag can hold anything in the world. Sam’s speedy skateboard can fly. Rajan’s out-of-this-world telescope shows him the future. Inder has an incredible invisibility cream.

Together, they are the KESRI KIDS and they want to be your friends. Join them on their adventures as they solve problems and help people.

Guided by the shining principles of Guru Nanak, the Kesri Kids use their special powers to do good and overcome challenges, while learning important lessons along the way.

They live with love, respect and optimism, using resourcefulness and a positive mindset to make an impact. Each one of the Kesri Kids is real, with their own strengths, weaknesses and quirks.

But what stands out is their loyal friendship. In these 5 characters, kids will find new friends who they can relate to, laugh with and learn from.

I am Kaz

I have a talking Horse called Jazz

I am Eesha

Fashion is my passion!

I am sam

The Skateman

My Dad has loads of $$$$

Hey - It's Rajan

I can talk to the stars in the sky..!

I am Inder

I Love sports & staying active